The Daily Post Prompt: Rebuild

In response to daily post’s prompt: Rebuild

It’s quite an ordeal to renovate a house. I found out when my husband bought an old house which had a lot of issues. The windows were broken, the doors needed replacement, the walls of each room were covered with book shelves. It looked as though the owner overlooked the fact, the house needed painting.

I’m sure she was delighted to sell it to us and move on. The task of renovating the house was overwhelming, my husband hired some people to do the job, these were workers who had no idea how to fix anything . Yet they claimed it would not be difficult. Each day the noise of the workers gave me a headache, then there was dust everywhere.

It took quite sometime to make the house  look half decent. When the work was finally done, there was another problem my husband wasn’t aware of, it was a two storied house and my husband was a heart patient. After a long discussion with friends and family members, the decision was made  to build a unit attached  to the ground floor of the house.

My husband hired a contractor to build an extension on the ground floor to avoid climbing stairs. It  would  include a bedroom, a bath room, closets, a small porch and a patio. It took six months to complete, my husband was happy he was able to get the extension built the way he wanted.

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