The Daily Post, Prompt: Open

In response to daily post’s one- word prompt : Open

I have observed elections held in many countries,there is one thing quite disturbing among the candidates is open hostility they show against each other. To me it sounds childish, if a candidate is not doing so well in winning over the population, they seem to try and start a smear campaign against the candidate who is doing better than them.

These candidates are supposedly adults with a sound mind, why would they use this kind of tactics? Aren’t they setting a wrong example for the young people or do they not care?

It’s if I don’t get you I will by exposing one of the members of your family. Some day I hope to get elected a candidate would not be allowed to  show open hostility towards another candidate.

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The Daily Post Prompt: Natural

In response to daily posts one-word prompt :Natural

Today I’m tempted to write a post comparing fake and genuine. Fake is artificial and Genuine is natural.

Many years ago in the Kolkata movie industry, actors used to fake their voices to make it more appealing for the audience. They thought their natural voices were not interesting enough which is why their movies were not box office hits.

The first actor who thought it was wrong was Uttam Kumar Mukherjee. He explained that it was not the artificial voice or fake acting that was important for a movie to do well, it was how the actor presents himself. With this in mind he made movies in which he did not try to fake his voice but spoke naturally.

His understanding was as a common individual we do not change our voice to sound impressive, we speak like an ordinary person. Uttam spoke naturally and soon everyone realized how irritating an artificial voice sounds.

He made several movies and was considered the best actor in his generation.

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