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In response to daily post’s  one-word prompt :City

Wikipedia image of Dhaka City in Bangladesh

Dhaka_Bd.jpg (1592×2140)

The above is an image of Dhaka City. I came to this city as a teenager to  pursue my studies after finishing high school in my home town Comilla, Bangladesh.

After completing most of my education here I went to Lahore another city for my education degree.

Wikipedia image of the city of Lahore, Pakistan

Lahoremontage1.jpg (457×514)

After completing my B.Ed., degree I came back to Dhaka city, and taught for two years in a Residential school. After two years I got the opportunity to go to London, England, to study, Teaching English as a Foreign language for almost a year.

Wikipedia image of Trafalgar square in the city of London, England.

Trafalgar_Square,_London_2_-_Jun_2009.jpg (4161×2754)

I managed to visit these cities within five years.

Dhaka city which is in Bangladesh is the first one I visited, it was where I grew up and saw a lot of changes. It is a city which feels like home, at the same time, it has its shortcomings, the traffic is crazy, there are all kinds of vehicles, from the rickshaw to taxis, to buses, at times it feels very unsafe to go out and there are private cars too. Patience is a word unknown to the vehicle drivers, everyone wants to go before the other. As a result there is complete chaos, one has to sometimes wait for a couple of hours to reach their destination, even though they can cover the distance on foot much quicker. It is a large city, traffic rules hardly exists, sometimes one wonders if they’d reach home alive.

The city of Lahore is in Pakistan, it has a very rich history. It’s a large and beautiful city in Punjab. Although I was there for a short time I was able to visit quite a few historical places. I have a very fond memory of this city.

The third city I was fortunate to live for a year to study is London, England. I found their transportation system the best of the three I have mentioned. I loved their underground transportation, it was quick and easy to get to places. It has many places I liked. I remember I went to visit Madame Tussauds and nearly asked one of the wax figures to show me which way to go. I stopped when I heard the laughter of my friends who were behind me. Those figures look so real.

Wikipedia image of a wax sculpture.

CeciliaCheung_MadameTussauds.jpg (1704×2272)

I’ve visited three cities and realized how different they are. I had fun visiting them. Each one is special in their own way.

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6 thoughts on “The Daily Post : City

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this nice post. I very much like to travel. This post ignites my wish to see Dhaka, Lahore, and London.

    All good wishes,


  2. Thank you for sharing your experiences and impressions. Thank you for the images, too. My sister was in London recently. She also likes the transit system there.

    • Thank you Christopher,
      I feel shy to admit, our traffic system in Dhaka,Bangladesh is the worst on the planet.
      There are traffic lights but the drivers of vehicles ignore it. Doesn’t show a very rosy picture, does it.
      Thank you for your comment.

  3. My dearest sister
    I loved the pictures as well as the write-up – it brings many fond memories, some real and some from movies. Dhaka is a city I have seen in movies only, but I liked what I saw 🙂

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