The Daily Post : Companion

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Companion

I remember when I was living in my college residence, I met a girl who was very quiet, she had no friends she spent her time in the residence alone. The girls in the residence were curious but none of them tried to befriend her. They thought she was weird.

One day she showed interest to talk to me. I never thought anything only she wasn’t very talkative. I also didn’t talk that much either. She liked talking about her family, her home, she said she  missed them.

As the days went by she was more open, she complained about her parents and mentioned  they hated her. I could not understand why her parents would dislike her, I did not ask her anything I decided to listen.

A few months later our teacher Sister Rose Bernard somehow found out a few things about her. She told me to keep her company she needed a friend.

During one of  our conversations this girl told me she needed a particular medicine, that  she was very sick,asked me if I could help her.  I offered to take her to my local guardian’s house, who knew a lot of physicians. I called my uncle(local guardian) asked permission to bring a friend of mine to meet him. My uncle was a very kind man, he immediately said,”Yes bring her.”

Next day the girl and I went to visit my uncle, I quietly told him she needed some kind of medication immediately.Before we arrived she wrote the name of the drug on a piece of paper. I handed the paper to my uncle, my uncle’s face told me he was surprised, he took me aside and asked me who she was, I couldn’t tell him much except she is a student of the same college.

My uncle managed to buy the drug through one of his physician friends and asked me if I knew what the drug was for. I said I  had no idea, he told me in future I should be careful who my friends are. From that day I stayed away from her.

……………………………….. 🙂