The daily Post: Voyage

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Voyage

Trip to Montreal, P.Q

Last year we went to Montreal. We took a late morning flight, so we’d arrive sometime in the afternoon. We rented an apartment for a week, it was an ideal place, it was close to all the places we like to visit.

The owner of the apartment was a nice man, his apartment was clean and tidy, I was surprised because he is single and usually a man living by himself doesn’t care much about how his place looks. However, because he rents it out during the summer months which maybe why he makes sure the tenants will have a good impression. But I think he loves his apartment and doesn’t mind keeping it clean.

Our first stop after we arrived in Montreal was to visit the super market to buy some food. We bought what we needed for the week, came back to the apartment, left our groceries and were off to our favorite place, the farmer’s market in Jean Talon.This is the place we always miss when we come back home.

The market was filled with customers buying their favorite food. Their produce is so fresh and colorful, I feel like buying everything, but I remind myself I must not buy anything I won’t consume.

We carry our things back to the apartment. Then we go to the shopping center, to see if there is anything we should buy which we may not get in our little city.

During this week we went to watch tennis, it was washed out one day, so we only watched tennis once.

The week went by very quickly, soon we had to pack and head home. As usual we bought more than our suitcase could hold, it was time to buy extra luggage.

We left in the afternoon to catch our flight, three hours later we were back home. It was nice to be back after a hectic week of shopping walking and one trip to the restaurant. We were encouraged to taste Montreal Poutine which according to our landlord  happens to be the best in Montreal. We were unable to taste it, may be next time we said!

………………………………. 🙂

Writing:Intro to Poetry, Day Six, Screen

Poetry Day Six : Screen

Device: Enjambment

Window_Porto_Covo_August_2013-2.jpg (5961×4161)

There are many scenes passing,

me by, when I look out,

my window.

The lawn care fellows,

mowing and raking, the lawn.

My neighbor’s,

tree covered, with leaves

blocking, my view.

The sky looks,

overcast, a quiet,

breeze, blowing the leaves.

The air must be

cool, I’m feeling

cold, it’s time for me,

to wear something warm.

…………………………….. 🙂