Daily Post Prompt: Dramatic

In response to daily post’s prompt : Dramatic

There is a significant fall of the Canadian loonie against the American dollar.It therefore means our dollar buys much less than the American dollar.

Everything we buy costs  so much more . From food to clothing to appliances we are paying so much more. This fall in the dollar is hurting the middle class more.

The noticeable fall of our dollar is affecting our house prices and savings.


Susan Boyle’s dramatic rise to fame didn’t do much good to her.

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Daily Post Prompt : Admire

In response to daily post’s  one-word Prompt: Admire

From a very young age I loved poetry,fortunately I studied in a school where my teachers were nuns, they inspired us to appreciate poetry, we were  given ample opportunity to read and recite poetry. I loved learning them. It was my favorite subject.

When we came to Bengal the poems of Rabindranath Tagore was very popular. Tagore wrote poems of different seasons, one of his poem is : Brishti pauray tapoor toopur, translation is rain is falling drip drop. During the rainy season we recited this poem in the house as it kept us busy.

Tagore also wrote song lyrics these are called Tagore Songs. I enjoy listening to his songs. When  I started blogging I didn’t know what I could write about, I knew a participant from the online course, he suggested I should translate Tagore’s poems. I was pleased I had something to post in my blog.

I also am very fond of English and American poets, sometimes I recite some of the poems all by myself, it keeps me from worrying about things that I cannot change.

We lived in New Delhi and Rawalpindi where my father worked. We the siblings picked up the Urdu language from our Urdu speaking friends in our neighborhood. My Dad encouraged us to learn other languages, but he wanted us to know Bengali which is our mother tongue. The only language we spoke when we were in the house was Bengali. My Dad did not want us to forget our own language.

In school I studied in an English medium school, but we were encouraged to learn one other language. I signed up to to study Urdu. I had the opportunity to memorize poems in three different languages, I enjoyed reciting poems in all three languages.

My favorite Bengali poet is Tagore, English poets are ; Wordsworth, T A Daly,  and Longfellow, Urdu poets are Allama Iqbal and Mirza Ghalib.

I like all kinds of poems, lately I’m enjoying writing limericks.

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They ask me what do I admire the most

I reply without a doubt poetry of course

Where else can you find rhythm and rhyme

So learn poetry don’t waste your time! 🙂




Daily post prompt :Wind

In response to daily post’s prompt : Wind

Like Chicago, St.john’s Newfoundland is also known as the windy city. We have very strong wind in the winter, which causes power outage, when this happens one can expect to be without power for at least a  couple of days sometimes longer. When we lose power during winter, we face a lot of problems, such as no TV, no cooking, freezing temperatures and  danger of frozen pipes.

Wind in the winter is a problem in a variety of ways. Some of them I’ve already mentioned in the above paragraph.

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Daily Post Prompt :Unstoppable

In response to the one-word daily post prompt: unstoppable

Image from wikipedia

The unsinkable Titanic that sank


The prompt reminded me of a tennis player, his name is Novak Djokovic, they(his friends and fans) gave him the nickname joker, why I simply don’t know. What I know is he is an amazing tennis player, every tournament he entered the past few years, he managed to be a winner.

Before the Wimbledon tournament started , four commentators were predicting who’d win it, each one of them said, Novak would win it that he was invincible, unstoppable, unbeatable, on and on they went. I was irritated by their comment and felt Novak will not win the championship because these guys and gals have jinxed him.

Sure enough on the third round match against Sam Querry an American,Djokovic lost the match in four sets. Which makes me believe no one how good they are can be invincible or unbeatable. Even the Titanic which they thought was unsinkable, sank!

The lesson I’ve learned from this is to say: someone or something is invincible is a foolish belief!

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Daily Post Prompt: Crisis

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Crisis

There is a saying:  “no human can ever harm you as long as God is on your side.”

It probably sounds odd to say ‘God on your side,’ by it I mean we have to sincerely ask for divine help, to overcome any kind of crisis. Years ago my parents and siblings and I  were caught in a warzone. Our neighbors told us to leave our house immediately if we wanted to be alive.

Our belongings were packed in suitcases, which we intended to take with us, we left everything and set out on our way to a shelter which was provided by my Dad’s boss.

On and on we walked, not knowing if we’d survive this crisis, my mom carried her holy books which in her mind would save us. We reached the place after a long strenuous walk.

We stayed in the shelter for a couple of days. From there we boarded a train, hoping to reach the place where we didn’t have to worry  about getting killed. We did reach our safe haven and were thankful knowing we won’t ever have to face this difficult situation again.

With the way things are in the world today, it’s not certain, when someone would decide to attack and kill innocent people. We can no longer take things for granted, danger can present itself in a matter of seconds.

We must learn to treat each other well regardless of our color, language or religion, toleration is something we should think about.

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Daily post prompt :Elusive

In response to daily post one-word prompt : Elusive

image from wikipedia: the part in red is where Kurukshtra is located

HaryanaKurukshetra.png (600×700)

This is a quote from Bhagavad Gita:

“In a very clear and wonderful way, under the guise of a physical warfare, the Gita describes the dual that perpetually goes on in the hearts of each one of us; a fight of dharma,justice, against adharma, evil, injustice. The battle takes place not only on the fields of  Kurukshetra, but also on the “Elusive,” dharmakshetra, ‘field of dharma,’  a spiritual field within each one of us where all moral struggles are waged.”   ___ Bhagavad Gita

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Daily Post Prompt: Sanctuary

In response to daily post one-word prompt : Sanctuary

Sometimes it can be tricky if one gives shelter to a stranger. This happened to us in Comilla( Bangladesh). My mother had a very soft heart whenever someone asked for help she’d give it to them without knowing the background of the person.

One evening a man came to our door asking for shelter, he said he didn’t have a place to go,and wanted to work and stay in our house, we the siblings were not sure he was all that innocent as he pretended to be, for starters he had a bag which contained expensive shirts, we were sure he’d stolen them. Mom refused to listen to us.

On a hot day one evening we sat outside in our verandah, we were hearing some strange noise in the other part of the house, we ignored it and we even said, “Hey you thief you better not steal anything in our house.”

We were laughing and repeating this every few minutes, i.e do not steal. Little did we know this was exactly what the thief was doing. After staying out for couple of hours, we went to bed.

Next morning our young servant from mom’s village told us, the man mom gave shelter to  had disappeared and stole a lot of things while we were joking around. There was no way to find his whereabouts, he didn’t tell us where he came from. We did notice he had a funny Bengali accent, which we told mom, she kept saying we were mean and to stop finding faults in this guy, who  we thought was a crook. It was a lesson we all learned, more so my pious mom who agreed she must not give shelter and a job to an unknown man.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!