The Daily Post Prompt: Autonomy

in response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Autonomy


Freedom is a word we all enjoy. Starting with the little infant, we’ve seen through our experience, even a little human shows his displeasure when we try to be too assertive with him.

My experience with my little one has been precious as well as the knowledge that in her mind I was someone she trusted, yet she didn’t want me to make her eat or even wear clothes she didn’t like. I’ve learned a lot from her, but there were occasions when I thought she must listen to me because I knew more than her.

Her food habits were not what I’d consider healthy, she was little but knew how to trick me. Supper time was the worst she didn’t like the food I cooked for her, she was clever enough to pretend she wasn’t hungry. But when it came to dessert she was right there, gobbling it up. I’d always say, “I thought you’re not hungry,” she’d smile and continue eating.

I realized soon enough she wanted freedom to eat what she liked and not what she didn’t.

In our lives we like to be free to do things that makes us happy, I was pretty much allowed to do what I wanted when I was in school, Mom realized as long as my results are satisfactory, she was not concerned. She did veto when I wanted to learn to sing, “you’ll not study if I let you do what you want, your education would suffer.”

Then came the time when I was learning to drive, my husband was my instructor, he was tough, he yelled at me so much, I told him I didn’t want to learn to drive, “You must he’d say, in this country it’s very important to get a driver’s licence.”

I did get one and drove for a while, but soon realized this is one thing in my life I do not enjoy doing. I stopped driving after sometime and never miss it anymore. This is the kind of freedom I always wanted, I have it now.

…………………………… 🙂