Daily Post Prompt : Glass

In response to daily pot’s prompt: Glass

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I have often heard on TV the commercial  about the glass half full or half empty. A person who sees the glass half empty is considered a pessimist, while one who sees it half full is an optimist. How can someone come to this conclusion, I do not comprehend this. All I know is none of these expressions can label anyone as a  pessimist or an optimist.

Sometimes I might say to someone please pour some more juice or water in my glass because it is half empty, it’s not enough to quench my thirst. It doesn’t mean I’m a pessimist, but I need to fill it with liquid and get rid of the air, because air cannot take care of my thirst.

Instead of empty someone else might use the expression half full. Then there are others who say,”the glass is never empty, it’s full of air.”

What do you think?

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