The Daily Post Prompt: Desert

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Desert

Abandoned Children

Walking along the road she heard someone crying, as she approached the place she noticed two little kids, a boy and a girl perhaps siblings,she thought.  She stopped, asked them, who they were and why were they by themselves  in this deserted place. What they told her frightened her. They told her they were abandoned by their mother, that she was unable to take care of them, she was penniless, her home was taken away because she couldn’t pay the mortgage.

It saddened Pam when she heard their story, she herself was living by herself, had a job but the pay she received wasn’t enough for her,  She didn’t want to leave them in that deserted place, but she didn’t have the means to support them.

Pam thought it would be better if she took them to the police station, they would be able to help the kids.

When she arrived at the station, there was only one guy who seemed to have no clue about anything. Rather than leave the kids there she decided to take them home, and  call the welfare office the next day.

Early next morning she called the welfare office, but got a message saying the office was closed for a month, the staff were gone on their yearly holidays.

Pam didn’t know what would be her next step, let the children stay with her for the time being or take them back where she found them. She didn’t have the heart to take such a decision. She’d wait  for the month to be over, and would call the office about the two abandoned kids. Hopefully she’d find a solution.






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