The Daily Post Prompt: Guest

In response to daily post’s prompt :Guest

There is a phrase in Bengali for guests who visit their Uncle’s House:

Here it goes ; A maternal uncle’s house is like a ┬ápot of honey

Three days later you’re kicked out.

It is believed in my original home, that one is treated well in a maternal uncle’s house, provided one doesn’t stay longer than three days. It’s just ┬ásomething recited in the form of a poem.

I’ve had a number of guests who visited me many times, there were some who were very considerate, but there was one who was different, he would frequently say he didn’t have the money to visit us,my husband would send him the ticket for the family of four. He was the kind of guest I had no time for. I worked hard to do what he wanted, I made special breakfast for the family, before I went to work. He wasn’t satisfied with fast food, he wanted me to cook a variety of dishes, which I did when I came at my lunch break, his spouse would tell me we’ll do the dishes don’t worry.

I’d come home at 4 pm and find the dishes in the sink. I would wash the dishes then, make tea for them. For supper he wanted an elaborate one, while his family would watch TV.

This happened to be the kind of guest I did not like.

Another guest I had was Auntie Jean, God bless her, she’d prepare lunch for me and my husband, bake her famous pies.She’d say, “Chaman you relax I’ll cook the food.”

Who wouldn’t like Auntie Jean!