The Month Of Ramadan

#Shaping your story

Each year before the month of fasting begins I’m scared thinking would I be able to fast for thirty days? The days are so long, what will happen.

These are the thoughts I had this time too. The first day I felt a little sick, later in the morning I felt better. I was proud of myself for completing one whole day. The next day and the next felt the same sick early morning and felt better after a few hours.

After the first few days, I had no more problems. The fact I could fast for thirty days in a row was something I felt proud of.

After Ramadan comes the month of Shawwal, during this month if we can fast for six days, we get credit for sixty days, so fasting thirty days during Ramadan and six days in the month of Shawwal, these thirty six days is equal to a whole year of Sawab in Arabic.

Sawab means a virtuous deed, a religious deed.

Today is my fourth day of fasting in the month of Shawwal. Fasting gives me a great feeling, apart from virtuous deed, it also helps me  control my craving for junk food.

Besides I’m told fasting is good for health. To me it gives my organs time to deal with the food already there, overloading them will mean extra work for the heart, the kidneys and I presume helps to bring down my blood sugar.

With all these advantages I’m getting, I may fast for three days each month to help my organs function without problems. It also cleans my mind of bad thoughts.

Mind and Life Matters,limerick challenge week 28, Prompt: Rain

Mind and Life Limerick Challenge, Week 28 : Rain

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What_a_little_Rain-X_can_do_for_you_(3908431451).jpg (3072×2304)


Childhood memories of rain is fresh in my mind

How we jumped with joy for nature was so kind

In the sweltering heat

Our body loved  to greet

The  showers which cooled our body and mind!


Mom was busy in the kitchen cooking khichree

And we were jumping with joy and saying,”Mom hurry

We are hungry we can’t wait

Let us bring our favorite plate

And fill it up with your delicious  khichree!”


After dinner we had stories to tell

How sister Sally slipped and fell

Oh what a terrible  sight

Thank God she was  alright

It was one story Sally hated to tell!

……………………………………… 🙂