Daily Post Prompt: Drive

In response to Daily Post’s One-word Prompt : Drive

The disappointed Deer

David and Dora went for a drive, on the way they met Mr. Deer, he stopped and said, “Where are you going David and Dora?”

David replied, “Oh I don’t know, can you tell me where would be the best place to drive  this morning?”

The deer put his front paw on the corner of his head close to his right ear, he thought for   two seconds and said, “I have an awesome idea, why don’t you two come to my house for supper, this way you’ll know where I live and also taste my better half’s cooking.”

David and Dora eyed each other, could not come up with a reply, so he said, “You know Deer I know a great song you’ll love it, all my friends go crazy when I sing, can I sing while I drive, hop into my car, sit in the back seat, enjoy the ride and hear me sing, you will have fun, real human kind of fun.”

“Okay,” said the Deer, “I’d like to know what is human kind of fun, let’s go.”

Deer hopped in sat at the back of the car and spread his hind legs on the seat. “Start singing David I’m all ears,” he said.

David cleared his throat and hummed for  two seconds, Dora who was listening to the conversation was amused beyond words, she said,”Hey David my dear brother, I didn’t know you can sing, I can’t wait to hear it, start, but be careful, singing and driving might be a bad idea, why don’t I drive you sing and Deer will clap.”

“All right David agreed.”

He hummed a tune and then the words came out swiftly, it was so fast, Dora and Deer didn’t understand a word. Dora stopped the car and yelled, “You  can’t sing, David you’re bluffing us.”

‘Fine,’ said David,  “Deer’s wife cannot cook either, this is why I made an excuse not to go to his place ,I do not want to eat raw meat,Yuck.”

Deer felt very sad and asked the two to drop him off near his home in the woods, when they came to the right place before  Deer got off he said, “you know you humans are not very nice, when I invited you to my house I really meant to feed you, not cooked food but all the tastiest fruit in the forest. And you human lied to me about your singing. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson we animals should never trust you,Goodbye!”

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