Daily Post Prompt: Feast

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Feast

A Wedding Feast

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In my home in Bangladesh, we had to have all kinds of meat in a feast. There was chicken, beef, mutton added to these different meats fish was  also cooked. The most popular fish was Hilsa fish, which kind of resembles Shad. but Hilsa is tastier than Shad.

Vegetable was also prepared, it depends on the season, cauliflower,tomatoes, beans are available during winter. We have a variety of squash as well, they are not the kind available in North America.

My mom enjoyed cooking during our two Eid, one is Eid-ul Fitr, this comes after a whole month of fasting and the other one is Eid al Azha, this one is two months ten days after Eid-al-Fitr. During Eid-al Azha, an animal is sacrificed, in the Middle East they sacrifice a camel. We sacrifice cow or goat. On this occasion the moms are busy, sending some beef to friends and relatives.

The meat of the animal is divided into three parts, one part is distributed to the poor people, the other part is shared among friends and relatives. The third part is for the family.

After completing the distribution mothers and wives cook their share of the meat in a variety of ways. During Eid-al Azha, lot of meat is consumed.

We have a feast during these celebrations.

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