Daily Post Prompt :Unstoppable

In response to the one-word daily post prompt: unstoppable

Image from wikipedia

The unsinkable Titanic that sank


The prompt reminded me of a tennis player, his name is Novak Djokovic, they(his friends and fans) gave him the nickname joker, why I simply don’t know. What I know is he is an amazing tennis player, every tournament he entered the past few years, he managed to be a winner.

Before the Wimbledon tournament started , four commentators were predicting who’d win it, each one of them said, Novak would win it that he was invincible, unstoppable, unbeatable, on and on they went. I was irritated by their comment and felt Novak will not win the championship because these guys and gals have jinxed him.

Sure enough on the third round match against Sam Querry an American,Djokovic lost the match in four sets. Which makes me believe no one how good they are can be invincible or unbeatable. Even the Titanic which they thought was unsinkable, sank!

The lesson I’ve learned from this is to say: someone or something is invincible is a foolish belief!

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2 thoughts on “Daily Post Prompt :Unstoppable

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this interesting post which led me to ponder things. I agree that so-called invincibility is relative, and not absolute. Conditions change. As the saying goes: “Some days you get the bear; some days the bear gets you.”

    There is one exception, however, for me. It is Humanity. Despite how badly things look for her now, I refuse to accept that she is anything less than invincible. I know she will overcome.

    All good wishes,


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