The Daily Post Prompt : Punishment

In response to daily post prompt : Punishment

There is a saying, “The punishment does not fit the crime.”

In my family’s case it’s true, the fact my Dad passed away @age 47 leaves us wondering, why did we get the ultimate punishment, we were young and innocent, we spent our time playing and going to school, we did not disobey our parents, teachers or elders. Why did we become orphans at such a tender age?

My complaint is to God, He couldn’t dislike us we according to us never mistreated any one. Our father’s passing so early left us bewildered. My mom was a pious woman, she did not envy or talk against any one. My Dad did not like nepotism he refused to help my eldest brother get a job, he was influential but did not allow himself to give his son a job because it was against his principle.

Perhaps our crime was we were carefree, happy and enjoyed our childhood immensely. Can this be our crime I wonder? Did the punishment we received fit the crime?

Then again my Moral Science book said,” Man can be happy to some extent but cannot attain perfect happiness.”

I understand now, for all the happiness we got had to be balanced by sadness, hence the price we paid was the passing of my Dad.

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The Daily Post Prompt: Slowly

In response to daily post’s one -word prompt : Slowly

After reading the prompt,’Slowly,’ instantly, I found ,’Charles Wolf’s poem echoing in my mind:

The burial of Sir John Moore at Corunna

Slowly and sadly we laid him down,

From the field of his fame fresh and gory;

We carved not a line, and we raised not a stone,

But we left him alone with his glory.

I can imagine the mood of his people how they felt leaving him all alone. This was a mournful poem.

At the same time I thought of the race between the hare and the tortoise. The hare zoomed ahead, seeing the tortoise coming slowly, he decided to take a nap, thinking he’d be able to cross the finish long before the tortoise.

Meanwhile the tortoise toiled  away on  the race path slowly and steadily and reached the finish line before the hare who was taking his nap and was overconfident he’d won the race because he was so much faster.

The moral of the story: Slow and Steady wins the race.

Grandville_tortoise.jpg (892×696)

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The Daily Post Prompt: Carefree

In response to daily post’s prompt: Carefree

I sometimes wonder about a carefree person. I know children are usually easy going, they have nothing to worry, the adults in their lives take care of their needs regularly.

With the invention of TV,and all other gadgets, and the internet, perhaps has come in the way of an innocent child. They too like adults are trying to gain access to every form of technology to become COOL.

When I was a child, I was easy going, I was happy with the little things in life. My Dad did not allow us to have a radio in the house, for  he said, “You do not need any distraction from your studies.”

I was okay with it so were my other siblings even my eldest brother.

We played after school with each other, we did not squabble, we had limited things to play with. In our house marbles kept us busy, the little round things made of glass kept us busy.

There was a game we played with, it was called Pitthoo, we collected some flat stones from our neighborhood, layered one on top of the other and then we tried to break it with a tennis ball.

Here is a youtube video showing how the game is played.

This was our game that gave us maximum enjoyment. You wouldn’t call us COOL, but we sure had tons of fun and were as Carefree as  my little cat, who has no worries.

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The Daily Post Prompt : Depth, Tagore song, translated by Ranu showing depth

In response to daily post’s prompt : Depth



The poet is requesting the wind to blow gently:

Slowly, slowly, slowly blow O dear crazy wind

Midnight’s flute is playing

Be calm, be calm , O dear restless wind

I am the flame of the lamp, because of you I fearfully

stay awake alone

What’s on your mind I pray you quietly whisper in my ears

softly, softly,  O crazy wind

Your string of verse in the distant forest

lands in the corner of my house

O restless wind I have

Something to say to the early morning star

accept  those words quietly in your ears

O dear restless wind!

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Daily Post Prompt: Feast

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Feast

A Wedding Feast

Image from Wikipedia

Bangladeshi_Food.JPG (4608×3456)

In my home in Bangladesh, we had to have all kinds of meat in a feast. There was chicken, beef, mutton added to these different meats fish was  also cooked. The most popular fish was Hilsa fish, which kind of resembles Shad. but Hilsa is tastier than Shad.

Vegetable was also prepared, it depends on the season, cauliflower,tomatoes, beans are available during winter. We have a variety of squash as well, they are not the kind available in North America.

My mom enjoyed cooking during our two Eid, one is Eid-ul Fitr, this comes after a whole month of fasting and the other one is Eid al Azha, this one is two months ten days after Eid-al-Fitr. During Eid-al Azha, an animal is sacrificed, in the Middle East they sacrifice a camel. We sacrifice cow or goat. On this occasion the moms are busy, sending some beef to friends and relatives.

The meat of the animal is divided into three parts, one part is distributed to the poor people, the other part is shared among friends and relatives. The third part is for the family.

After completing the distribution mothers and wives cook their share of the meat in a variety of ways. During Eid-al Azha, lot of meat is consumed.

We have a feast during these celebrations.

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Daily Post Prompt: Drive

In response to Daily Post’s One-word Prompt : Drive

The disappointed Deer

David and Dora went for a drive, on the way they met Mr. Deer, he stopped and said, “Where are you going David and Dora?”

David replied, “Oh I don’t know, can you tell me where would be the best place to drive  this morning?”

The deer put his front paw on the corner of his head close to his right ear, he thought for   two seconds and said, “I have an awesome idea, why don’t you two come to my house for supper, this way you’ll know where I live and also taste my better half’s cooking.”

David and Dora eyed each other, could not come up with a reply, so he said, “You know Deer I know a great song you’ll love it, all my friends go crazy when I sing, can I sing while I drive, hop into my car, sit in the back seat, enjoy the ride and hear me sing, you will have fun, real human kind of fun.”

“Okay,” said the Deer, “I’d like to know what is human kind of fun, let’s go.”

Deer hopped in sat at the back of the car and spread his hind legs on the seat. “Start singing David I’m all ears,” he said.

David cleared his throat and hummed for  two seconds, Dora who was listening to the conversation was amused beyond words, she said,”Hey David my dear brother, I didn’t know you can sing, I can’t wait to hear it, start, but be careful, singing and driving might be a bad idea, why don’t I drive you sing and Deer will clap.”

“All right David agreed.”

He hummed a tune and then the words came out swiftly, it was so fast, Dora and Deer didn’t understand a word. Dora stopped the car and yelled, “You  can’t sing, David you’re bluffing us.”

‘Fine,’ said David,  “Deer’s wife cannot cook either, this is why I made an excuse not to go to his place ,I do not want to eat raw meat,Yuck.”

Deer felt very sad and asked the two to drop him off near his home in the woods, when they came to the right place before  Deer got off he said, “you know you humans are not very nice, when I invited you to my house I really meant to feed you, not cooked food but all the tastiest fruit in the forest. And you human lied to me about your singing. I’ve learned a very valuable lesson we animals should never trust you,Goodbye!”

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The daily Post : Unpredictable

In response to daily Post’s prompt: Unpredictable

Device : Acrostic

Canadian_Dollar_-_obverse.png (316×311)

Unstable is our dollar

No one knows it better

Perhaps its rise will be swift

Rest assured be not miffed

Each day my faith grows

Do be objective everyone knows

believe what goes down must come up

Can you please try and cheerup

There is no other way but be an optimist

And  stay away from a pessimist

Best way to handle it, is sing and dance

Let the government have a chance

Erratic loonie will  come out in flying colors!

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The Daily Post Prompt : Storm

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Storm

free wikipedia image

Tropical-storms.jpg (429×310)

In Dhaka (Bangladesh) one afternoon my classmate and I were stuck in the university, because of an unexpected  cyclone that hit the city  that day. We were not sure how long we’d have to wait,  we were  impatient and boldly stepped out of the building, there were no rickshaws available that day, our only recourse was to walk.

When we stepped out  of the building the male students tried to warn  us it was not a good idea, we ignored their warning  and continued walking, we were dressed in a sari, the wind was getting stronger and at times we felt we may be blown away. Every time a strong gust of wind blew we were pinned to the ground and waited for the crazy wind to take a breather.

From the campus we walked on  the main road, there were no vehicles visible , only us  the crazy lunatics trying to fight the wind and walk onward,  we took one step forward and  were pushed several steps backward. This was how we were moving ,  until we came to the corner where our residence was located.There was still a nice bit of pavement for us to walk to reach our residence. The storm was relentless, the thought that a sudden gust of wind might blow us off our feet and drop us on the busy road frightened us we stopped hoping the storm would be calmer and we’d reach our residence safely.

As we stopped and wondered our next move, I saw a white car stop beside the road,driving the car was a gentleman whom neither of us knew. The man was calling us, we ignored him and took  few short steps forward, suddenly  a woman’s  smiling face appeared urging us to get into the car. This gave us hope that it was safe to get the ride, we walked over, the man’s angry voice thundered,  “You shouldn’t be walking in this storm, now get in and let me know where you’re headed.”

We were only a few metres away from our residence,  the good Samaritan started his car and zoomed into the residence,it took us about five minutes to reach our destination. It was an experience I’d never forget!

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