The Daily Post: Craving

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Craving

A Friend

Far away in a wooded area, sat an old man, wishing someone would pass by so he could ask for some help. Minutes turned to hours to days, no one showed up. Dejected and unhappy he picked up his little belonging and started walking. Out in front of him a car zoomed by, he was too late, he wasn’t able to raise his hand.

As he was walking along the side of the road he noticed a little girl coming towards him, where did she come from he thought who are her parents? He forgot his own problems and asked the girl, “why are you walking alone little girl, do you need help?”

The girl looked up and said, “you can’t help me, you’re too old?”

“Yes I’m old, and weak, I have enough strength to help a wee one like you.” He smiled.

“Okay she said, I wanted to go to the park, mom said, she’s busy, she can’t go, you see right at this time there is a vendor who comes to the park to sell his ice-cream, I don’t want to miss him, I love sweet things and ice-cream is my favorite.”

“So you have a craving for ice-cream? Show me the way, I’d love to go with you, but I don’t have any money.”

“I have money, I have a loonie, it’s enough to buy ice-cream for you and me.”

The old man laughed, he said, “You maybe little but you have a big heart.”

“But I’m too little a big heart won’t fit in my body!” exclaimed the little girl.

The man burst out laughing, “let’s go.”  he said.

They walked along the side of the road, the park was not too far, the little girl held the old man’s hand and walked happily. When they reached the park the ice-cream man was packing his things, he had sold his wares and was ready to head home.

The old man felt sad  for the girl, he said, “I’m sorry you couldn’t buy the ice-cream because I was too slow, will you forgive me?”

The little girl replied,”Don’t be sorry, it’s okay, I want you to come with me to my house, mom bought some chips, you and I can munch them together, say will you please come, I want to show mom, my brand new nice friend!”

…………………………………….. 🙂