Daily Post : Paint

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Paint

A Jaw-Dropping Artist

His friends and family called him , “A Jaw-dropping Artist.” I was curious to find out why they gave him this title. I was on my way to see him. He lived in a small hut, with no running water, or light. In other words the modern amenities of life were missing in his little abode.

The hut itself made me think, It was a waste of my time trying to see this ‘jaw-dropping artist,’ but changed my mind, thinking I took the trouble of finding his shelter, why not I find out  who he is.

I was able to locate the place where he lived, I knocked the door,  heard a hoarse voice screaming,’Who is it, I do not want to see anyone, I am busy.’

I did not give up, I knocked again, I heard pounding footsteps and lo and behold the ‘jaw-dropping man,’ was looking at me!

My immediate reaction was to turn around and run I was about to do that, when I heard a voice saying, “What brings you here Ranu?”

How does he know my name I wondered, it made me curious, I had to ask, ‘How do you know my name?’

“It’s a secret,” he said, “I’ll tell you, if you agree to have dinner with me.”

“But I don’t know you, how can I accept your invitation?”

“If you want to know me you have to spend some time with me.” He said.

I looked at him, he was dressed in multi-colored clothes, his shirt was loud orange, the colors of his pajamas were a mixture of green, black and orange, his head was covered with green leaves, he wore black sandals, his face was deep brown with black spots all over. I could not understand where he came from.

I kept my feeling inside me, thinking after all I’m here to find out about his title, so without delay I must work on it.

I smiled and told him, “I accept your invitation.”

“I knew you’d accept, you are trying to find out why  I got the title, it’s human nature you know, how can you be different.”

He told me to come inside his little hut, I got in, he had a few things but they were arranged very well. He had two earthenware pots,  two silver glasses and a few wooden spoons, and some spices I could not recognize.

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Potter_at_work,_Jaura,_India.jpg (2207×3787)

He had a small kerosene stove where he did all his cooking,I saw some vegetables in the corner of the hut, grains of brown rice, and a few pieces of chicken. I watched him using his earthenware pot to cook a meal, he combined all these ingredients after carefully washing them outside where there was an old  tube well, he showed me the spices he had ready and the oil to make it tasty for his guest. He placed the food in the earthenware pot and put it on the stove to cook. All this time I saw how he worked like an artist, carefully and slowly.  I watched him with wonder how he arranged everything calmly.

The food was cooked in twenty minutes, he prepared an interesting mat for me to sit on, I wanted to see how he’d serve the food he prepared for both of us. He did that with amazing skill. First he brought the plates, then the glass, which he filled with water, and then carried the food where I was sitting. He spooned the one dish meal in my plate and then he did the same in his. Before eating he informed me, he did not have forks or knives and that I’d have to use my fingers. I was okay with it. I ate the food slowly and could not remember eating anything so tasty, I asked him how  he made it so good with only a few ingredients. He looked at me smiled and said, “This is why I got the title jaw-dropping artist!”

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