Daily Post: Joke

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This is a vessel we use in Bangladesh, esp. in villages, because of lack of running water. We fill it with water and use the water to wash ourselves before our prayer.

Years ago we visited Grandpa’s house in the village, one day I wanted to play a joke on my little three year old cousin, his name was Babul, pointing to the vessel I said, “Babul glashta ano.”( Babul bring the glass).

My cousin looked at the vessel which we call bodna,  he said, ” na Ranu Apa glash na bodna.”(No, Ranu Apa, it’s  not a glass, it’s a bodna).

He refused to bring it until I said the correct word. I thought he’d cry if I didn’t say the right word. I had to say Achcha  bodna ( all right bodna).

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