Daily Post : Obsessed

In response to daily posts’s one-word prompt : Obsessed

I have started reading novels again, I finished reading Aldous Huxley’s novel, ‘A Brave New World.’ I cannot say I liked it, but was determined to finish it.

Now I’m reading, ‘Oscar Wilde’s novel,’ ‘The Picture Of Dorian Gray,’ so far I’m finding it interesting. I was surprised when Dorian Gray was overpowered by the beauty of Sybil Vane,another female character in the novel, she was a stage actress whom he saw at the theatre one evening, when he was offered a box seat by a man, he couldn’t believe he paid a guinea for the stage box. Later on he told his friend if he hadn’t gone to the theatre   that evening, he would  have, ‘missed the greatest romance of his life.’

He was so smitten by her that he wasted no time getting engaged to marry her, then just as fast the love disappeared when he took his friends to see her act. She showed a poor display of her acting. Dorian was disgusted, he met her after the play and told her she had killed his love by her bad acting.

I know it’s only a story, but this happens in real life too. I feel one must think clearly before they tie the knot. Infatuation never lasts long, I’m glad the author killed off Sybil, or else it wouldn’t have been fun to read the two fighting all through the story. I’m wondering now, ‘Will Dorian Gray have a similar obsession?’

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Blogger’s World, 100 word story, Prompt : ‘And then it rained’

In a small village faraway, a few corrupt elders owned everything. Sun God and Rain God joined to find a solution. Sun God would raise heat and Rain God would stop rain. The excessive heat was unbearable for everyone. The wells were dry, Women and children  couldn’t  quench their thirst.

The gods sent a message through a lady,  “this is  your  punishment for ruthless behavior.”

They begged  for assistance,  ‘stop cheating be honest,if you want relief,’  she said.

They  readily agreed.

The Gods watched them, declared it was time to forgive them  and must  reward them. ‘And Then It Rained.’

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