Daily Post : Reach

In response to daily post’s prompt:Reach

Reach For The Top

My teacher once said, “Chaman, you should always aim to reach the sky, if you have a higher aim, you are bound to do  well in life.”

To him in education one must reach the highest point, it should be our goal in life. When I think about his advice I sometimes wonder, if he were alive would he say he is happy I went as far as I possibly could.

I never thought how much time I should spend studying, there were obstacles in my path, my Dad passed away when I was very young, with him gone, I did not know how I will continue my education. I had older brothers, but I could not be certain they will give me financial help. I was very lucky two of my brothers helped me financially. I was able to complete a masters degree.

After my masters degree I wanted to get my education degree, I did not ask my brothers to help me, I applied for a scholarship and fortunately received it.

I wouldn’t consider myself ambitious, I always wanted to study in England, I knew it would be difficult for my brothers to help me financially, I kept hoping some day I’d win a scholarship to study in England. After teaching for two years I got an opportunity to apply for a British Council Scholarship, I did not think I’d be successful,  I was called for an interview, I must have done well because I was selected.

Perhaps I think I’ve reached far enough I must be happy with it.

……………………………. 🙂