Daily Post : Complicated

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Complicated

Today I was busy getting the spices ready to pour on the pickles. It was warm in the kitchen,any kind of cooking was making it tough for me.

After taking care of the pickles, I got ready for making tomato soup. You see I bought a package of three pounds of tomatoes, it was up to me to let it  stay in the fridge or cook it. It was difficult for me because I wasn’t in a mood for cooking tomato soup, it was either cook or let it rot. I didn’t have the heart to let it rot. Our Canadian dollar has taken a downward trend, our dollar is only worth 70 cents compared to the US dollar. We spend more money to buy anything in the grocery store or clothing store. What is funny is  we are working harder, our hard work is not recognized because the dollar is worth much less than it used to be. We buy less with our dollar.

What is confusing is our Provincial Government has raised our taxes. Our city has stopped collecting bulk garbage, they are telling us we should take care of it by using the services of the local companies.

This really is a tricky situation. I think I must end this now or you guys won’t read it. You can see how complicated our life has become because of the falling dollar.

Maybe if I stop thinking about our problem I’ll sleep better. Thank you for reading my story.

……………………………………. 🙂