Daily Post : Confused

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Confused

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There have been some instances, during my teaching days when something or the other confused me. The real challenge was presented to me when I had three kids from the same family. I was taking the roll call, suddenly I noticed there were kids with the same last name, of course my focus was on the register. I looked up saw these three kids with a wide grin on their face. ‘Are you related ?,’ I asked.

Immediately three little nine year olds looked at me, “We are triplets!,” they exclaimed.

‘WOW!’ I thought, Triplets, in my mind I wondered what if they all look alike. I looked at them, fortunately, there was a sister and two brothers. I was relieved not all of them were boys. I took a second look at the boys, I was worried they looked exactly the same. How would I deal with this? if I called Jack and Jim showed up or vice versa. They were in my homeroom, I’d have them all day every day. I told myself, there has to be something by which I could tell them apart.

The first day of school I made up my mind to look closely to see if there was any feature on their face which could unlock the mystery. For some reason both came to my desk to ask something, they were standing close enough for me to detect the difference, I felt like saying out loud,”Eureka I have found it.”

You must think what did I find? Good question, One of them had a soft disposition, the other one did not. It was enough for me.

All through the school year they asked, “How can you tell Miss?

I’d smile and say, ‘Aren’t you glad I can tell you apart?’

From their expression I knew, they didn’t, they couldn’t play the game, “Miss you are wrong, I’m not who you think I am.”

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