Daily Prompt :Fierce

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Fierce

I was always afraid when my mom was angry with me. Sometimes I wasn’t sure what I did wrong.

One day my younger brother was fooling around in the kitchen, he wanted to hide from my other brother, he hid under the kitchen table, when the brother found him, without thinking he tried to stand up while still under the table, he knocked down the table and all the dishes on it, my mom was angry with me, but said nothing to him. I thought it was unfair but was too scared to tell mom anything.

Once I saw my aunt slapping all three of her kids,when I asked what happened , she mentioned two of them were arguing, so she slapped all three of them. I disagreed, I told her, ‘the third one didn’t do anything, why did you slap him?’

Her reasoning was weird, she said, “If I don’t slap him he’d make fun of the other two.”

I told her she was wrong.

………………………………. 🙂

My post on lemon and lime pickle

Lemon and Lime Pickle

A few weeks ago, I went to Costco to buy some groceries. While walking along the aisles, I saw bags of fresh limes and lemons, what’s more important was they were so cheap. I thought of the supermarket where one lemon is a dollar and not so fresh. As soon as this thought entered my head I picked up a bag of lemon and a bag of lime.

When I came home I looked at the bags I was guilty, I bought these bags of lemon and lime and couldn’t figure out how I’d use them. Two whole days went by and my fridge was full of lemon and lime, I didn’t even use one, immediately I thought of the quote; “Penny wise pound foolish.”

I always used this quote to make fun of my husband. I gave it some thought and wondered was it possible to pickle them, I didn’t have a recipe. I turned on my computer and typed, “Epicurious. com, lime and lemon pickle recipe.” Within seconds there were a whole bunch of recipes, I had most of the spices and other ingredients, I just needed some mason jars. I bought them from Walmart.

Next day I took out the limes,  followed the recipe, sterilized the jars, and poured the quartered limes that I mixed with the spices and other ingredients, I put the lid on and put them on my kitchen windowsill, hoping we’d have enough sunlight to infuse them, a week later, I tasted them, I didn’t like the taste, so I used more spices and all the other ingredients and mixed them, then   put them back on the windowsill. I left them there for another week. It tastes amazing now, I can’t believe I’d be so pleased with the finished product.

I applied the same technique with the lemons, now I have three jars of delicious pickle. I’m so glad I didn’t let the bags of lime and lemon to rot.

Below is a photo I took of my pickle. I wish I could share with my blogger friends.


Lime and Lemon pickle