Daily Post Prompt : Learning

in response to daily post’s prompt : Learning

The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence. _Rabindranath Tagore

I have learned, Learning continues until I leave this world for good. I remember when I came to Montreal, my husband took me to Mount Royal, it’s a large park where in winter part of it is used as a skating rink. Skaters go to improve their skating, jumps, triple axel and all the tricks  on ice. It was my first visit, I watched the little kids enjoying themselves, skating, they were so energetic and happy, I could watch them all evening.

As I was watching a little girl came near me, she spoke French, by my hand gesture I tried to tell her I couldn’t speak French or Skate. She extended her hand to help me skate, while it was so easy for her she must have thought I could also start skating. I held her hand and in seconds found myself down on the ice, once again she extended her hand for me to get up, I didn’t want to waste her time I immediately used my hand gesture to let her know I couldn’t skate.

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I was amazed how much patience she had for me, I was a total stranger, she treated me like a friend. Through my years of teaching I learned children are the most honest, sincere and friendly human beings on the planet. I did not learn this from any book or my teachers but by observation.

I had so much fun teaching little kids, I do not regret the fact that I did not teach older kids.

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Daily Post Prompt : Fifty

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Fifty

There was a time when fifty dollars was worth a lot. We could buy a decent shirt with less than fifty. Right now it costs more than fifty to buy the same type of shirt, that we bought five years ago.

While our dollar is losing its value our salary remains the same. The prices of everything has gone up, whereas our dollar is steadily dropping in value.

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Daily Post Prompt : Jeopardize

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Jeopardize

Going back to my childhood, the thought comes to mind, did I endanger my education by being so laid back when I was seven years old?

At that age I never knew the importance of studying hard. I had classmates who were only interested to score hundred percent or close in an ordinary test. This never crossed my mind, yes I had no intention of failing, at the same time I did not try to score full marks in any subject.

My favorite subjects were, Spelling and Moral Science, I enjoyed doing well in them, I  did not think about my classmates, doing better.

In those days if anyone asked me what was my aim in life, I’m more than sure I would have said,”I don’t know.”

When I was fourteen my eldest brother said one day, “I will marry you off to a farmer, if you are not serious in your studies.”

This  warning  scared me. I knew if Dad was alive, he wouldn’t have threatened me. Mom I knew would take my brother’s side. I studied to impress him, I truly lacked the competitive spirit.

It was  in the university I realized I must do better in my courses. I was nineteen when I  understood it was my last chance to be successful.

It took twelve years to know, time was running out, I could not jeopardize my education. It was important for me to have a goal in life. This realization forced me to get serious.

I was lucky I  knew the difference between success and failure!

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Daily Post Prompt: Youth

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Youth

Cell Phone

Youth reminds me of early years, teens, teenagers,childhood. This to me is the time to train teenagers to become responsible citizens of the world. The youth of today besides enjoying the rise of technology, must  also use them responsibly.

I am thinking of the invention of cell phones, when I look around I see kids using their cell phone, while walking, driving, in short they are oblivious to the fact there is a world outside and  they should be cautious of when they can  use their little toy the,”Cell Phone,” only yesterday a teen was driving her parent’s car an SUV, she was in the parking lot, where one must be aware of other people around and the speed of her vehicle. She ignored all these important things, and drove her vehicle without looking, she smashed into a car, the driver had seen her and waited to let her pass.

I had to bring this up, because the girl in the car was my daughter, she had a mild concussion, I’m worried, not knowing how this is going to impact her. In the meantime I wonder whether her parents would teach her that driving and using the,”Cell Phone,’ is a big No,No!

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Daily Post Prompt : Eyes

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Eyes

When I was a child, I observed one fact about my Mom and Dad. Dad would leave early in the morning for work in his office, while my Mom would cook and take care of us.

My mom was very strict about our behaviour, she believed in the maxim,”Spare the rod spoil the child,” not literally of course. My mom worked hard for all of us, twelve kids and Dad and herself. Every so often she being a mortal liked some kind of entertainment, in her case was visiting friends for tea, lunch or dinner on week-ends.

One such day she packed four of us to accompany her to her friend’s house, my little cousin and his mom wanted to go, the hosts were relatives, so there was no harm in inviting them as well.

It was afternoon, mom’s friend who was also a relative, served us some tea and some of our famous Indian sweets. My cousin who was only four or five, jumped off his seat and started gobbling up the “Roshogolla,” (cheese balls in syrup).

I was disgusted with his behaviour, his mom thought it was funny, I felt embarrassed and hoped my mom would say something, she didn’t budge. She probably thought it’s not my kid who’s misbehaving.

Sitting and watching the cousin was my little brother, he was the same age as the cousin. The lady was surprised to see my brother, sitting quietly, she came close to him and said, ‘Eat,’ my brother didn’t  move but looked at my mom.

Whenever we visited my mom’s friends, we always looked at mom’s ‘Eyes,’   her Eyes indicated what we should and shouldn’t do. The lady continued to offer the sweets to my brother, he stayed still, she asked my mother to tell him to eat, my mom used her eyes to tell him it was okay to eat the food in front of him.

When we had company, mom didn’t yell at us, if we happened to be rowdy, she’d communicate with us through her eyes.

The above is my true story, now I’ll use Tagore’s song to tell you how he uses the Eyes, in his song, it’s translated by me Ranu.

I saw the outside with the light of my eyes.

I will see my inside without light.

Now I look at you with the light of your eyes

You and I played in the play house.

 Our play  doll was broken by the fierce storm.

It was only a doll, and a pretend play

Let’s forget it, now let us play the game of life,

 The strings of the Veena, the musical instrument broke

Our heart’s musical instrument is alive and well,

Let us use it to sing!

Daily Prompt : Moon, a song by Tagore, sung by Sraboni Sen and translated by Ranu

In response to daily post’s prompt : Moon

Here is a Tagore’s song about the Moon

The smile of the moon has reappeared

There is light everywhere

O night flower pour your nectar

The crazy wind fails to understand

Where the call is coming from

In the flower garden

I fall in love with

whoever happens to be beside me

The face of the blue sky

Is smeared with the moon’s light

A couple of swans in the forest this evening

Have spread their wings in delight

O moon what are you spreading on earth

Who is the lady lighting the lamp in the bridal chamber

In Indira’s abode!


Daily Post : Confused

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Confused

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TripletBoys.JPG (562×312)

There have been some instances, during my teaching days when something or the other confused me. The real challenge was presented to me when I had three kids from the same family. I was taking the roll call, suddenly I noticed there were kids with the same last name, of course my focus was on the register. I looked up saw these three kids with a wide grin on their face. ‘Are you related ?,’ I asked.

Immediately three little nine year olds looked at me, “We are triplets!,” they exclaimed.

‘WOW!’ I thought, Triplets, in my mind I wondered what if they all look alike. I looked at them, fortunately, there was a sister and two brothers. I was relieved not all of them were boys. I took a second look at the boys, I was worried they looked exactly the same. How would I deal with this? if I called Jack and Jim showed up or vice versa. They were in my homeroom, I’d have them all day every day. I told myself, there has to be something by which I could tell them apart.

The first day of school I made up my mind to look closely to see if there was any feature on their face which could unlock the mystery. For some reason both came to my desk to ask something, they were standing close enough for me to detect the difference, I felt like saying out loud,”Eureka I have found it.”

You must think what did I find? Good question, One of them had a soft disposition, the other one did not. It was enough for me.

All through the school year they asked, “How can you tell Miss?

I’d smile and say, ‘Aren’t you glad I can tell you apart?’

From their expression I knew, they didn’t, they couldn’t play the game, “Miss you are wrong, I’m not who you think I am.”

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Daily Post : Complicated

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Complicated

Today I was busy getting the spices ready to pour on the pickles. It was warm in the kitchen,any kind of cooking was making it tough for me.

After taking care of the pickles, I got ready for making tomato soup. You see I bought a package of three pounds of tomatoes, it was up to me to let it  stay in the fridge or cook it. It was difficult for me because I wasn’t in a mood for cooking tomato soup, it was either cook or let it rot. I didn’t have the heart to let it rot. Our Canadian dollar has taken a downward trend, our dollar is only worth 70 cents compared to the US dollar. We spend more money to buy anything in the grocery store or clothing store. What is funny is  we are working harder, our hard work is not recognized because the dollar is worth much less than it used to be. We buy less with our dollar.

What is confusing is our Provincial Government has raised our taxes. Our city has stopped collecting bulk garbage, they are telling us we should take care of it by using the services of the local companies.

This really is a tricky situation. I think I must end this now or you guys won’t read it. You can see how complicated our life has become because of the falling dollar.

Maybe if I stop thinking about our problem I’ll sleep better. Thank you for reading my story.

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