Daily Post Prompt :Elegant

In response to daily post’s prompt : Elegant

Today was a cold day, not a day to go out, but it couldn’t be helped. On my way, I met three women who interacted with me.One of them was a teller in the bank, her mannerism leaves  a lot to be desired.

Second one was a passenger on the bus I was travelling in, she seemed like a person whom nature had produced with a smile, she spoke and looked around had a broad smile. I thought to myself, “I’d like to meet her kind of people, she is a breath of fresh air.”

The third one was a young girl also waiting for the bus like me. as soon as I came close to her, she said,”Hello,” she  had an innocent smile, she didn’t know me, but knew to be courteous is good for us all. I asked her if she was a student.

She nodded yes. Having nothing common to discuss, I asked, “Are you in the business faculty?”

She answered, ‘no I’m studying Math. ”

She asked me, ‘Do I look like a business student?’

At that point, I wondered how does one look like a student of a particular faculty. I smiled and replied, “these days whoever I ask what they’re studying most of them say, Business.”

One thing I forgot to ask was what’s her name. She was a clever girl, had fine manners, gave me the impression she’s certainly well-bred.

……………………………………….. 🙂