Daily Post Prompt : Recharge

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Recharge

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There are times bland food causes the loss of my appetite. If I go for taste and also to  recharge my desire to eat, I need to use my friend the hot green pepper when I cook.

Sometimes I use it a bit more than my stomach can handle, which results in excruciating pain, throwing up, swallowing pills and promising to ease up on my intake of hot food.

Once I invited my former vice principal and his wife for supper.  My husband and I made a list of the different types of food we’d cook for them. I warned my husband to go easy on hot pepper, his argument was then it won’t represent our food. I on the other hand said, “we don’t use that much pepper on foods that we cook!”

He refused to agree and went overboard with the hot pepper. Our guests came in,looked delighted at the opportunity to eat our food. I watched them closely because I was not in favour of causing them pain while eating. After a few minutes they asked for water, I poured a glass for them. I noticed the wife’s face flushed. I felt terrible to do this to them.

I knew they did not enjoy eating the food, they were polite and continued to eat slowly.

After this incident whenever I invited them for supper they declined.


This is a meatball dish I prepared for supper for a friend. This person, eats food twice as hot as the one I prepared.

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