Daily Post Prompt: Stump

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Stump

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Akhtar_Hameed_Khan.jpg (252×300)

The above is a photograph of Akhtar Hameed Khan. He was my principal when I was a student at Comilla Victoria College, Bangladesh.

I was looking for something  to write about, after going through several images, I hit this one. When I saw it I thought he seemed familiar, could he be my former Principal at Comilla Victoria College, I asked myself. I was pleased that I remembered his face. Sure enough he was.

I remembered when I was in my first year in college I saw him coming towards me in the examination hall, I was stunned tried to think if I did anything wrong. I finished one of my final exam paper in less than an hour, he was walking around our examination hall, when he saw me handing my exam booklet to the invigilator,  he stopped me. I was confused and scared, I knew who he was, but couldn’t figure out why he’d stop me.

He took the booklet leafed through the pages, looked at his watch and said, “Do you know what’s your problem, you finish your exams too fast.”

I looked at him, I had no answer for him, I was so baffled at the thought what will he do, make me go back and go through what I have written, correct my mistakes. He did nothing but handed back my booklet and told me, “Take a bit longer to complete your exam, you are a good student and I expect you to do well.”

I only stayed in that college for two years and went on to continue my studies in Holy Cross College, Dhaka.

Akhtar Hameed Khan was a brilliant man, he loved Comilla, stayed there despite the fact he was offered many important positions elsewhere. He left the college and worked  somewhere else in Comilla. College politics disgusted him, he was a brilliant man, it didn’t take him long to find another job in Comilla.

Everyone in my little hometown always said, he loves this town, he’ll never leave it.It’s puzzling for me to know he died in the United States.

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