Daily Post, Prompt: Radical

In response to daily post’s prompt : Radical

As far as I know there is something radical in all of us. We want change and it has to be instant, if not we’ll be a failure. If God was radical, He’d at the press of a button bring humanity down. But He’s not, for the events of the world since He ¬†created the planet earth is not working the way He thought it should. But He is patient,He is waiting to see how far His humans are willing to go down, before He pulls the plug to bring about the end of humanity.

For a very long time politicians have taken the role of bringing harmony to their land. How were they going to do it, some claim a certain group of people are the cause of their problem, so they’d a) remove these people from their peaceful land, b) would forbid these groups from entering the country.

If they (politicians) succeed will the lives of the country suddenly change from bad to good. This is the question we forget to ask. This is why the politicians succeed because they know what to say at the time of elections to get maximum votes.

We are naive we don’t think,we believe them and at the end of it all, we realize we were daydreaming, nothing has changed.

I remember once during the elections the aspiring candidate for prime minister knew the people of the country hated GST(the goods and services tax). He announced on TV he would remove this tax if he was elected, well that promise got him elected but he did not fulfill his promise, not only that, he claimed he never said that. But his speech was recorded, every time he denied they’d play the part where he said,”I will remove GST.”

What can I say, this is how things work, if you happen to think otherwise watch the next election to see  who and why a certain candidate won.