Daily Post Prompt : Fragile

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Fragile

This prompt reminds me of Shakespeare’s play, “As You Like It,”   in it in Act 11, Scene v11, is a phrase which begins with a monologue. It is  spoken by melancholy Jacques.

The speech compares the world to a stage and life to a play. Man’s life  sometimes is  compared to  the seven ages of a man.

Among the seven ages, the infant stage is the time when the human is most fragile. He/she depends solely on the caretaker whoever it might be a parent or a baby sitter. He is unable to do anything by himself, whether it’s feeding changing or bathing, he is dependent on his mom or his baby sitter.

This is the stage how he behaves towards people hinges on what he learns from his elders. He grows up believing people  looking after him as honest and truthful, by the time he learns what he’s taught is wrong, it’s too late, because his habit is already formed. This is why I’d say he is vulnerable.

The other stage I think people are insecure is the old age.  It’s the stage when most people are usually weak, sickly, and forgetful. They develop fear because they do not want to annoy their caretakers, otherwise they may be subjected to pain mentally and physically.

I had observed a few cases of vulnerability where the old man or woman was treated badly, but he/she was afraid to complain.

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