mind and life matters limerick challenge, week 38-photo prompt

mind and life limerick challenge week 38 : Photo Prompt

photo by Dominik Martin unsplash.com


Pushed by strangers he landed in the puddle

‘O why did they do this now I’m in trouble.’

Dad came running,

Mom was humming,

‘We must leave this place or we’ll be in trouble!’



Daily Post Prompt : Jump

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Jump

An Unwise Move

Sophie and Carly were playing a game of tag outdoors, both jumped and hid behind the tree, when they heard a strange sound. Moments later they came out to investigate where the sound was coming from. They walked on and on till they reached a lake. In it they saw a huge fish, they were aware of an ordinary fish, this one in their mind was a giant fish, which unnerved them. They turned around to head home, they couldn’t when the weird fish called them by their names.

They took one step forward and one backward. Suddenly the whole place looked eerie and frightening. They were mesmerized by the whole atmosphere. Carly who was braver, said, ‘What can this weird fish do let’s go home?’

Hearing this the fish burst out into a roaring laughter, “You think I’m weird, you’d go home and leave me behind,let me see you do it!”

Sophie started crying she was terrified, she blamed Carly for speaking out loud, “Look what you’ve done now what’ll we do.”

“You don’t have to do anything just take me home with you,”  said the fish.

“But you’re not like us, how can we take a fish home, we’ll be in trouble?”

“No, I’m not a fish, a crazy man, turned me into a fish, because I made fun of him.”

The girls didn’t believe the story, both said at once, “No one has the power to turn a person into a fish, you’re making it up.”

“Oh yeah, you think so, let me turn you both into a Toad,” said a strange man.

No please both cried out as loud as they could,they woke up and realized they fell asleep on their way to find the sound.  They found themselves sleeping on the grass in the woods. How did they turn up here, they couldn’t understand.

Carly remembered telling Sophie to rest for a little while, and carry on their quest to find the sound. Both had walked too far and were exhausted, they lay down and fell asleep. Now that they had woken up, they stood up to run home.

But where was home, they didn’t know?


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