Daily Post Prompt : Panic

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Panic

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Last night I dreamed I lost my parka, it didn’t feel so bad, because it has seen better days. But when I discovered my wallet  missing,I panicked, all my important cards are in it, I thought. I looked for it everywhere, but I could not find it.

When I woke up I realized it was only a dream.  Sometimes I wonder what is the cause of this nightmare. I didn’t watch any scary movies, which I normally don’t.

All I watched on TV was ‘Jeopardy,’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ in those two shows, the guy and the gal won big. However one of the contestants on ‘Wheel,’ lost his million dollar card, when he hit “Bankrupt.”

I was also reading Dostoevsy’s novel,  “The Gambler,” I’m reading the part where Granny went to the casino to watch the people playing roulette.  Granny was telling one of the guys to stop playing after he won a lot of money or if he continued he’d lose it all.

Could it be this specific sentence,” Or you’ll lose it all,” lodged in my sub-conscious mind, hence I dreamed I lost my wallet? Come to think of it there is a connection, don’t you think?

I’m glad I panicked in my dream, which is good for me and my mental health.

…………………………………… 🙂

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