Daily Post Prompt : Jump

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Jump

An Unwise Move

Sophie and Carly were playing a game of tag outdoors, both jumped and hid behind the tree, when they heard a strange sound. Moments later they came out to investigate where the sound was coming from. They walked on and on till they reached a lake. In it they saw a huge fish, they were aware of an ordinary fish, this one in their mind was a giant fish, which unnerved them. They turned around to head home, they couldn’t when the weird fish called them by their names.

They took one step forward and one backward. Suddenly the whole place looked eerie and frightening. They were mesmerized by the whole atmosphere. Carly who was braver, said, ‘What can this weird fish do let’s go home?’

Hearing this the fish burst out into a roaring laughter, “You think I’m weird, you’d go home and leave me behind,let me see you do it!”

Sophie started crying she was terrified, she blamed Carly for speaking out loud, “Look what you’ve done now what’ll we do.”

“You don’t have to do anything just take me home with you,”  said the fish.

“But you’re not like us, how can we take a fish home, we’ll be in trouble?”

“No, I’m not a fish, a crazy man, turned me into a fish, because I made fun of him.”

The girls didn’t believe the story, both said at once, “No one has the power to turn a person into a fish, you’re making it up.”

“Oh yeah, you think so, let me turn you both into a Toad,” said a strange man.

No please both cried out as loud as they could,they woke up and realized they fell asleep on their way to find the sound.  They found themselves sleeping on the grass in the woods. How did they turn up here, they couldn’t understand.

Carly remembered telling Sophie to rest for a little while, and carry on their quest to find the sound. Both had walked too far and were exhausted, they lay down and fell asleep. Now that they had woken up, they stood up to run home.

But where was home, they didn’t know?


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Daily Post Prompt: Stylish

In response to daily post’s prompt : Stylish

wikipedia image

Most-Beautiful-Woman-In-The-World-Ever-Photos-02.jpg (458×640)

The above is the picture of a woman wearing a fashionable hijab. Her head is covered, the hair is not visible which is the purpose of covering her head.

She is pretty and fashionable. One can only see her face. She gives  the impression of a stylish woman, one who knows how to dress up and look gorgeous.

This is my response for daily post’s one word prompt : Stylish

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Daily Post Prompt : Hike

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Hike

In our city we have a very scenic hiking trail near the signal hill, it’s better to visit this area during the summer time. Lot of tourists are seen in this area especially when the temperature is warm.

I went for a hike with my daughter, nephew and his wife. We had a great time. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. Once we started, I was able to walk the whole trail with them.

In winter it’s not safe due to the snow and ice, which is difficult to clear.

wikipedia image

Signal_Hill_St_John's_NF.jpg (800×600)

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Daily Post Prompt : Together

In response to daily post’s prompt : Together

Calm, cool, well-adjusted is my new friend Sophie

She is only ten weeks old with a cheerful personality

She is quiet and confident

Never ever despondent

Will you believe she is a feline, the latest member of our family!

Wikipedia image

latest (1167×1104)

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Daily Post Prompt : Fragile

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Fragile

This prompt reminds me of Shakespeare’s play, “As You Like It,”   in it in Act 11, Scene v11, is a phrase which begins with a monologue. It is  spoken by melancholy Jacques.

The speech compares the world to a stage and life to a play. Man’s life  sometimes is  compared to  the seven ages of a man.

Among the seven ages, the infant stage is the time when the human is most fragile. He/she depends solely on the caretaker whoever it might be a parent or a baby sitter. He is unable to do anything by himself, whether it’s feeding changing or bathing, he is dependent on his mom or his baby sitter.

This is the stage how he behaves towards people hinges on what he learns from his elders. He grows up believing people  looking after him as honest and truthful, by the time he learns what he’s taught is wrong, it’s too late, because his habit is already formed. This is why I’d say he is vulnerable.

The other stage I think people are insecure is the old age.  It’s the stage when most people are usually weak, sickly, and forgetful. They develop fear because they do not want to annoy their caretakers, otherwise they may be subjected to pain mentally and physically.

I had observed a few cases of vulnerability where the old man or woman was treated badly, but he/she was afraid to complain.

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Daily Post Prompt : Slog

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Slog

I decided to go out for a walk on a windy day. Immediately I felt a gust of wind which I thought would blow me off my feet. My legs were heavy with each step I took  to reach Churchill Square which is about  1 km from my house. I was cold but did not give up I kept going. Soon I saw the building I was delighted because it was  only a few yards away. I walked on finally I entered the building, took care of my work and turned around to walk back.

  • IMG_0857the siamese breed

The wind died down, I felt pleased at the thought that my walk wouldn’t be so difficult.

At home the felines were having their catnap, they looked at me as if asking, “Why are you breathing hard, was it a difficult walk?”

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Daily Post Prompt : Perplexed

In response to daily post’s prompt : Perplexed

There was a man who loved to worry

When he was asked why, he said, ‘sorry.’

‘Sorry doesn’t help,’

His kid would yelp.

‘If there’s no reason, please don’t worry!’

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Daily Post, Prompt: Radical

In response to daily post’s prompt : Radical

As far as I know there is something radical in all of us. We want change and it has to be instant, if not we’ll be a failure. If God was radical, He’d at the press of a button bring humanity down. But He’s not, for the events of the world since He  created the planet earth is not working the way He thought it should. But He is patient,He is waiting to see how far His humans are willing to go down, before He pulls the plug to bring about the end of humanity.

For a very long time politicians have taken the role of bringing harmony to their land. How were they going to do it, some claim a certain group of people are the cause of their problem, so they’d a) remove these people from their peaceful land, b) would forbid these groups from entering the country.

If they (politicians) succeed will the lives of the country suddenly change from bad to good. This is the question we forget to ask. This is why the politicians succeed because they know what to say at the time of elections to get maximum votes.

We are naive we don’t think,we believe them and at the end of it all, we realize we were daydreaming, nothing has changed.

I remember once during the elections the aspiring candidate for prime minister knew the people of the country hated GST(the goods and services tax). He announced on TV he would remove this tax if he was elected, well that promise got him elected but he did not fulfill his promise, not only that, he claimed he never said that. But his speech was recorded, every time he denied they’d play the part where he said,”I will remove GST.”

What can I say, this is how things work, if you happen to think otherwise watch the next election to see  who and why a certain candidate won.



Daily Psst Prompt : Zing

In response to daily posts one-word prompt : Zing

There are days when my enthusiasm for cooking rises in leaps and bounds. Yesterday was our Eid ul Azha celebration. I stayed home, decided I’d cook up a storm. I did have the ingredients to do so. I took out the meat, realized it didn’t seem there was enough for company, called the supermarket, the butcher told me she didn’t have the cut of meat I wanted.She had other types, I set out to catch my favourite bus to go grocery shopping, the meat shelf had very little to choose from, I picked the one that looked decent. There were a few other ingredients I needed I picked them up, checked in and was out to catch the same route to get home.

I arrived home on time, I took the meat, prepared it, sliced onions and put my cooking pot on the stove. I felt a pain on my back, had to ignore it, and resume my cooking. It took a while to cook the beef chicken, rice and put together the yoghurt salad, we call raita.

My daughter came home from work at about 6 pm, by then my cooking was done. I asked her, “Did you call Jerome?”

The reply, “O mom I completely forgot, it’s okay I’ll call him now!”

She called the friend, he was still at work, said he’d  love to come for dinner but not before 8:15 pm. Hearing the time he can make it was enough to dwindle my eagerness to eat.

Our body reacts to bad news differently, mine was resumption of my backache. Luckily the guy is considerate, he said, “You don’t have to wait for me.”

This was music to my ears,my backache was gone and my appetite soared when I heard I can eat without him.

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