Daily Post : Value

In response to daily post’s prompt : Value


There are a lot of valuable things in our world, out of them I value friendship, the most. I did not have a lot of friends right from my childhood. The ones I had and still have I treasure them.

I had a friend in college her parents married her off when she was less than twenty, she moved away with her husband, I was studying and didn’t have the opportunity to inquire about her.

In the university I had one, she was a very good and sincere friend. I could not correspond with her, she was too lazy to write. I moved to Canada, I did see her when I visited Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I miss seeing her, she lives in Bangladesh and I moved away. I call her sometimes, it is not easy to get telephone connection. Sometimes our circuit is busy, other times the time difference makes it difficult.

To me nothing is more valuable than friendship.

……………………………… 🙂