Daily Post : Daring

In response to daily post’s prompt :  Daring

It was my final year in Dhaka University Bangladesh, I  felt good my education in this particular university was coming to an end. I could feel the cool breeze telling me, ‘twelve months and then you’ll be free.’

Suddenly I noticed a lady on campus, whom I never saw before, I asked my friends, ‘Who is she?’

‘She teaches French.’ They told me.

‘I want to register in her class.’ I told them.

They gave me a look of, ‘Surprise.’  ‘Do you have any basic knowledge in French?’ They asked me.

Of course I don’t but I can learn I said. To them it was a very bold move. They dared me to go and talk to the teacher, they were sure I’d be rejected.

Next morning I went to the university early to see if I could talk to her. Lucky me, she was standing in front of her classroom. I went towards her and without any introduction, I said, ‘I want to register in your class.’

Immediately her reply was, ‘No you cannot, you are two months late.’

I pleaded with her, promised I’ll make up the months I missed, she looked at me and said, ‘I will give you one week, if you don’t show progress, I will not let you register.’

She asked my name, I told her, it’s Chaman Ara. She wrote it in her book. She accepted me in her class. I was thrilled.

From the time I started attending her class, she would say okay, Shaman Agha in her French accent, you answer the question. I was always alert, I knew if I wasn’t able to answer her questions she’d get rid of me. She asked me more questions than anyone else she wanted to be sure I was learning.

The year passed quickly, she took me aside one day and said, ‘I’m very pleased with your work.’ She even invited me to go to Paris and study French.  It was not possible financially, I was happy she liked me.


10 thoughts on “Daily Post : Daring

  1. Dear Ranu,

    What a wonderful story of you achieving proficiency in French to the point that you were invited to study in Paris! 🙂

    All good wishes,


    • Dear Robert,
      Thank you, actually she liked me because I made up the two months that I missed in the beginning.
      She didn’t think I would, because I was studying for my master’s degree, and I may not have time. 🙂

  2. wow such an inspiring story! Most individuals don’t like to try new things, fearing that it might be hard. But this shows that if you want to do something, you will be able to do so! Thank you for sharing.

    • At that time I used to think teachers would be happy if students show interest to study a new language.
      So without introducing myself I told her I wanted to register. She wasn’t keen at that very moment but came around
      and let me register in her class. 🙂

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