Daily Post : Animal


Sophie: our kitten

These are ย the photos of Sophie, she is twelve weeks old, she was rescued by SPCA, and was put up for adoption in the PetSmart store. I saw her when my daughter went there to pick up food for Raphael and Gabriel. She looked so cute I had to adopt her.

Raphael and Gabriel did not welcome her immediately. Raphael is very sweet, he is slowly showing signs of accepting the new feline. Gabriel however is not happy at all, he tries to make it difficult for the kitten.

We are hoping he like Rapha will accept her.

Sophie loves to hang out with her older felines, but they are not so excited about her. We tell ourselves, ‘you guys wait till she is a bit larger in size, you won’t be able to bully her.’

My photos are not great, but she moves so much it’s not easy to photograph her.’

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Daily Post : Tree

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Tree

Wikipedia image of a mango tree

MANGO249.JPG (3264ร—2176)

We had a few mango trees at the back of our house, in Comilla, Bangladesh. We loved having them, they provided us with delicious food. My mom used raw mangoes to make pickle. The ripe mangoes were eaten as a snack. My mom also used mangoes to make desserts.

These trees provide food. they absorbed carbon dioxide and harmful gases, like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide from the air and release oxygen. One large tree supplies a day’s oxygen for four people.

These are some of the benefits of trees, besides food:

They clean the air.

They provide oxygen.

They conserve energy.

They help prevent water pollution.

They mark the seasons.

They provide wood and increase the value of our property.

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