Daily Post : Argument

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt : Argument

During my teaching career I noticed the boys and girls in the lower grades did not eat foods that were good for them. They mostly ate fast foods such as McDonald’s hamburgers. I did not see them drinking water, they only liked soft drinks. Some of them were over-weight and incapable of doing any kind of exercise, they did not like walking, their moms used to pick them up and drop them off at school.

They watched TV past their bedtime, when they came to school in the morning, they were tired and sleepy. I disagreed with this lifestyle. But there was hardly anything I could do except remind them they needed sleep if they wanted to do well in school.

If the kids were given homework, some parents complained and some said they were not given enough work to do at home. We the teachers had a tough time, if we gave homework parents complained to the principal, if we didn’t, we were blamed.

I felt certain amount of homework was good for the kids who were behind in their work.

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