Daily Post : Flattery

In response to daily post’s one- word prompt : Flattery

To tell you the truth once in a while flattery motivates me to do well in all sorts of things such as : cooking, studying, reading, and oh so may other things. I’m being human, I love reading comments where they say, your poem is so good, you’re so gifted. I say to myself really I didn’t know that.

I grew up in a family of lot of brothers and sisters. No one ever praised me for doing well in school, getting a scholarship or helping whenever they needed my help. It always seemed I was expected to do better and if I got a scholarship, it’s no big deal.

But they my elder brothers and sister did not forget to criticize me if I had an extra hour of sleep, because I was tired. They said, I’m sleeping because I’m not interested to study.

If a teacher praised me I thought they made a mistake, they must have meant someone else. I thought if I was good, my family members would tell me before others.

……………………………….. 🙂