Daily Post :Original

In response to daily post’s one-word prompt: Original

I sometimes wonder why so much emphasis is placed on original documents. For instance my degrees and diplomas are safely put away in a safe. I do have photo copies but they are not accepted when I apply for jobs or anything else that requires certificates to convince the boss, I have studied in these schools that the photo copy reveals.

What caused us to disbelieve that without an original  a  photo copy of my certificates have no value. I don’t know about others, but I’m concerned about sending the originals by mail.

A few weeks ago the credit card company sent me a new credit card, I did not get it and had no idea it was mailed to me. When I tried to use my existing card to pay for my groceries, I got the message, “Transaction declined,”  I thought it was a mistake and tried it the second time, I received the same message.

I called the credit card company, I told them what happened, the girl told me I should have received a replacement card. The company issued a new card with changed numbers for my safety. This is a credit card company ,they know if they don’t issue a new card to me, they will lose money. This is their motivation to issue me a card ASAP.

This is not the case with educational institutions, will they care enough to issue a duplicate certificate because my original is lost in the mail? Just wondering!

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4 thoughts on “Daily Post :Original

    • Thank you, I’m always concerned about our postal system. Now they do not deliver door to door,
      we have mail boxes two blocks away from our house,if the mailman delivers in the wrong box, we are in
      trouble so far it has happened twice. :):)

  1. Dear Ranu,

    You raise important points here. Where there is an original, there is then the potential for a counterfeit!

    All good wishes,


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