Daily Post : Underground

In response to daily post’s prompt : Underground

I live in a small city where there are limited transportation, we have cabs, metro bus, private cars, and if none of these are suitable, we can travel on foot, that is if we are strong enough to walk a few miles. I like the metro bus, it’s a very convenient way of traveling around in the city and the fare is  good.

I’ve been to a few larger cities I like their means of transportation. My favorite is the subway trains, they are fast and inexpensive. I was fortunate to travel by underground trains in London, England. It’s much better compared to traveling by bus. The tube trains there are much faster than the bus.

This is about the underground transportation.

Underground business of course is not so pleasant. The name they give is black market, here one can buy various things at a relatively lower price, sometimes the items sold are not safe to buy, one might buy something because its cheap and come home and find what they bought is useless, you cannot return them because the ones who sell disappear and move somewhere else.

The definition of ,’Black Market,’ it is conducted outside the law, and are conducted out of the sight of law. It is illegal business.

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