Daily Post : Millions

In response to daily post’s prompt : Millions

I used to think a million dollars is an unbelievable amount of money. The focus is now on billionaires, I wonder how these people were able to accumulate so much money. Does it mean millionaires are not considered that rich anymore?

Bill Gates it seems is about to become a trillionaire. It’s difficult to imagine how large a figure a trillion is, one with twelve zeroes. Even if the person with that kind of money, spent a million dollars a day, it’d take him/ her 2739 years to burn through a trillion dollars.

The owner of a trillion dollars would have enough money to give out $140 to everyone on the planet or even buy Central London at today’s market prices,it’s a report by, ‘The Times.’

Isn’t it a shame that so much wealth belongs to only a few. A trillionaire can easily help the homeless and erase poverty in the world.

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