Daily Post : Artificial

In response to daily post’s one word prompt : Artificial

These days most of the things sold in stores are not authentic but artificial. Some of the products though artificial looks impressive. I once looked at a bag in a flyer, I was tempted to buy it but the tag said, faux leather. I decided not to buy it. I was unimpressed why couldn’t they say artificial instead of faux, some people might be tricked by it, they might think it’s a special kind of leather.

Even in certain types of food the term faux is used, between wearing and eating there’s a huge difference. For a very long time we were tricked into believing that Margarine is better than Butter. We the consumers believed them, now the truth is out Margarine is worse than Butter.

My first encounter with Margarine was in London in my brother’s house. I thought it was butter, I told my sister-in-law, ‘the butter here has a very bad taste.’

I overheard her telling my brother, ‘the secret is out, your sister knows it’s not real Butter.’

Actually I didn’t know, I thought something is wrong with the butter sold in England, it doesn’t taste good.’

What I find scary is  very few things sold in the market are genuine, most are fake, from tables to clothing items to food, substitutes rule our world.

wikipedia image– one chilly — one dollar.

Green_chillies.jpg (3264×2448)

No wonder, in our city a woman was selling fresh vegetables, my attention went to some green chillies, I picked one up and was only  trying to see if it was fake or genuine. She immediately blurted out, ‘that will be a dollar, I grew it in my hot house.’ I put it back and came home.

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