Daily Post : Tiny

img_1278In response to daily post’s prompt : Tiny

All about our tiny feline Sophie

She is tiny, she is bright, she’s never out of sight. When she came she was  mal-nourished and cute. She was afraid of the felines, Gabriel and Raphael. Somehow she was able to win over Raphael and was having a good time playing with him.

It seemed she was not satisfied playing with only Raphael, she had to make Gabriel like her too. She has finally achieved success in winning him over too.

Now she’s as happy as she can be. When it comes time for eating she is able to push both the felines, she starts eating their food, while the two who are more than double her size leave and start whining. I thought perhaps her experience as a stray has made her so daring. She doesn’t hiss or growl, yet she is able to get around without any trouble.

In the beginning she stayed close to me, after two weeks she no longer needed me, except when she is hungry. She looks up at me as if saying, “I’m hungry, I want food.”

……………………………. 🙂