Everyday Inspiration,Day Two : Write a List

Day Two : Write a List

Today let’s write a list


Today I have chosen: Things I’ve Learned

  1. I’ve learned God has created us with a free will,how we use it depends on what is important and how it benefits us.
  2.  I’ve learned we all know what is wrong and what is right. If we choose what is right it’s more likely to keep us out of trouble.

3.That we are indebted to our parents for taking care of us from infancy till we are independent.

4.Each one of us is born with a special gift, some of us take advantage of it, some of us do not.

5.We are like passengers of a train, when we reach our destination we leave.

6.We all have a good heart, circumstances make us do things we are not proud of.

7.We start learning after our birth, we cry when we are hungry, or uncomfortable,or if we need attention. Because we are incapable of talking, we cry to let our caretakers know, we need attention.

8.We start by talking a few words, then as we grow older, our vocabulary increases, all because we want to learn about everything around us.

9.Some of us learn faster than others and usually are better students.  I’ve learned children can learn languages faster than adults. Perhaps  they are not afraid to speak.

  1. children can learn languages faster than adults.