Everyday Inspiration, Day Three : Regret

Day Three : One-word inspiration: Regret

#everyday inspiration day three

Our lives wouldn’t be complete if we had no regret. How can it be we are humans, we are liable to make mistakes. When I was studying in the university I promised myself, I will help my siblings as much as I can, when I complete my studies and get a job.

The day came for me to fulfill my promise, I got a teaching job in a local school. I immediately sent money to my brother and sister through someone. I later found out they received the money but were not told who sent it. The person I trusted  gave the money, but made them think she had given it.

When I found out I was sorry I did not send them the money directly. I knew the time had passed and my siblings would think I broke my promise.

I later learned  no matter what I did for anyone, I wasn’t appreciated. Now I keep myself aloof and do things that make me happy.

I saw a stray kitten in the pet store recently, she resembled our previous feline, though she looked malnourished and sickly I decided I will adopt her. She now is a picture of health, when she looks at me , I feel she is saying, ‘Thank you for adopting me I am so happy here.’

At last I got the appreciation I was looking for, even though it’s from a tiny animal. I have no regrets about giving her a home.

……………………………………. 🙂