Everyday Inspiration, Day Three : Regret

Day Three : One-word inspiration: Regret

#everyday inspiration day three

Our lives wouldn’t be complete if we had no regret. How can it be we are humans, we are liable to make mistakes. When I was studying in the university I promised myself, I will help my siblings as much as I can, when I complete my studies and get a job.

The day came for me to fulfill my promise, I got a teaching job in a local school. I immediately sent money to my brother and sister through someone. I later found out they received the money but were not told who sent it. The person I trusted  gave the money, but made them think she had given it.

When I found out I was sorry I did not send them the money directly. I knew the time had passed and my siblings would think I broke my promise.

I later learned  no matter what I did for anyone, I wasn’t appreciated. Now I keep myself aloof and do things that make me happy.

I saw a stray kitten in the pet store recently, she resembled our previous feline, though she looked malnourished and sickly I decided I will adopt her. She now is a picture of health, when she looks at me , I feel she is saying, ‘Thank you for adopting me I am so happy here.’

At last I got the appreciation I was looking for, even though it’s from a tiny animal. I have no regrets about giving her a home.

……………………………………. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Everyday Inspiration, Day Three : Regret

  1. Dear Ranu,

    Thank you for this very nice post.

    You highlight that people are indeed fickle. There is always the chance that we can be disappointed.

    You end this post on such a very positive note about your adoption of the tiny kitten in need of a home :).

    All good wishes,


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