Everyday Inspiration,Day Six: The space to Write

Day Six: The Space to Write


In my bedroom, I have a  small desk on the right of my bed, this is  where I placed my laptop, since I started blogging. On its left is another small piece of furniture, it has a drawer at the bottom, in the middle there is a small space with two doors. I’ve stored some of my books, and on the very top there is a flat space, this is where I have books that I need to use for my daily writing.

My bedroom is the extension of the main house, it was built so my husband didn’t have to climb the stairs of our two- storeyed house every day.

I find the space ideal for my writing, even though I do not have small children to bother me. I do have three felines who can be a problem, like sitting on the keyboard of the laptop, or chew the extension cord, or even try to put their paw on the screen.

I keep them away by closing my door, if they were kids I could talk to them, but a feline it’s not possible.

The space in my bedroom is the best place for me to write!

………………………………. 🙂

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