Everyday Inspiration Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format

Day Eight: Reinvent The Letter Format


Today write your post as a letter,About what, and to whom? Up to to you!

A piece of constructive criticism (or praise) to a politician

Dear Hillary Clinton,

When I heard you were nominated by the democratic party to contest the election for President of the United States, I was ecstatic. I knew you were way above others who were vying for president.That victory will be yours, and it will be the first time America will have a female president.

As the days were drawing closer, I had an eerie feeling I’d be disappointed. It’s not because you were unqualified for this position, as a matter of fact, you are the best.

What happened then? It’s the people who didn’t know the difference between a gem with a mere stone.

It is unfortunate your people did not know your worth. I for one believe that a day will come when those who went against you will repent their mistake. It will be too late, it’s a lesson they’ll learn.

My best wishes to you and your family,

Yours truly,


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