Everyday Inspiration,Day Ten: Let the Scene Write Itself

Day Ten: Let the scene Write Itself


Today, let’s quietly observe the world around us and write about what we see.

My Post : On Location

second_cup.jpg (300×300)

This evening I was in this coffee shop in the mall. The only image I got from wikipedia is this sign. It won’t allow me to copy the image of the restaurant.

I tried a few times but failed, one has to imagine I’m in this coffee shop. It’s a  small place with a few chairs and tables. I was fortunate to get a table with two chairs which a gentleman let me sit while he moved his chair and the table.

I am sitting and watching all the customers coming in for coffee and some treats. A few minutes later I saw two young girls, I assumed they came for some treats, they could not be more than eight or nine, I figured they’d only have something to eat and wouldn’t bother to have coffee. Yes I was right they had some treats and went out.

Then an elderly lady came with a young girl, she had something that resembled a brownie, while the young girl sat there without anything, I guess she didn’t like what the shop had, instead she was happy to sit with her relative.

My daughter got some cappuccino for me and her, with a little treat we shared. We were there for little over twenty minutes, after having our drink and treat we got up, left the mall and headed home.