Everyday Inspiration, Day Fifteen: Take a Cue From Your Reader

Day Fifteen : Take a cue from your reader


I couldn’t use anything from the reader therefore I chose:

A Challenging Journey

It was the month of December, suddenly my husband decided to take a trip to his village to see his parents. We were living in Gander in those days. He called, “Air Canada,” and asked the guy at the ticket counter, to make reservation for his family to fly to Dhaka, Bangladesh, it was for him and me and our little seven month old baby. The gentleman told him because of the Christmas rush there were no seats available. He assured him he’d do the best he can.

A week later we got a call by the same gentleman, that there were some cancellations and if my husband was interested he can make reservation for us.

My husband was glad he’d get the opportunity to show the grandparents our baby. Our flight was in the evening, we got ready, took the necessary food for the baby, then we were on our way to the airport.

At the airport building my husband told me to wait in the lounge, while he went to the shop to buy some lotion for his dad. He paid for two bottles, one slipped from his hand and broke. Immediately my husband a very superstitious man thought it was a bad omen.

He came to me and said, ‘I dropped one of the bottles of lotion and it broke, I think something bad has happened!’

I said, ‘it’s an accident don’t worry everything will be okay.’

We reached Heathrow airport in London, England, everything was fine, our onward journey was by Pakistan International Airlines, the flight was supposed to go to Paris and then to Karachi.

A few minutes after our arrival, there was an announcement that the flight would be delayed by an hour because of thick fog at Charles de Gaulle airport.

We waited in the lounge, an hour later there was another announcement that the fog hadn’t cleared, the flight was further delayed by another hour. This continued for seven hours, finally the airlines  decided to  skip Paris and fly directly  to Karachi.

In Karachi I spoke to one of the gatekeepers, he said he doubts we’d be able to go to Dhaka that day and we might have to  stay overnight in Karachi. Moments later the guy came back and told me there was  good news we’d be able to fly to Dhaka the same day and  it was time to board the plane.

We were happy we’d reach Dhaka on the same day. When we landed in Dhaka my brother-in-law asked, ‘Did you get my telegram?’

I said, ‘No why?’

He stayed quiet, from Dhaka we took the ferry part of the journey, and then a boat to the village. While on the boat my husband asked, ‘How is dad, why didn’t he come to receive us?’

My brother-in-law said, ‘He has a cold I told him to stay home.’

I felt something wasn’t right, but kept quiet. When the boat was about to dock, my sister-in-law who was unable to hold the news any longer burst out crying, apparently my father-in-law died of a massive heart attack a week before our arrival!