Everyday Inspiration, Day Seventeen: Map As Your Muse

Day seventeen :Map as your muse


Wikipedia image of St. John’s N L, Canada

St.John's_NFLD.jpg (2433×504)

This is the map of St. NL. Somewhere here, is my home. The population of the city is 277,701, according to the census of 2015, whether it has increased or decreased in a year is hard to figure out.

It’s the oldest city in North America. The summers here are cooler in comparison with the other cities in the mainland, Canada. The winters are colder and longer.

Our people are friendly always ready to help should the need arise. In the city our transportation is Metro bus, the drivers are friendly and welcome us whenever we travel by bus.

It’s very different in Montreal, the city where we visit quite frequently. The bus drivers here are unfriendly and are not ready to help should you need them, it’s more apparent when we speak English.

The last time I tried to ask a question, the driver’s angry face frightened me. It was my fault I spoke English, then again I didn’t try some of my French vocabulary, such as, ‘Bonjour Monsieur, je ne parlez pas francais. Good day sir. I do not speak French. It probably might  infuriate him more. I’m guessing, perhaps they’re not that bad.

Coming back to my favorite city, St John’s we are pretty laid back, nothing bothers us, we’re never in a hurry, sometimes even at work.Unless like the umpire in a tennis match, we get a code violation,like you’re allowed twenty five seconds to get a drink, one extra second can cost us a point, any longer, a game, any argument can cost us a match, this is tennis, in reality I find a lot of people take their time getting back to their office when the bell is rung, announcing the fifteen minutes break is over, get back to work. Some don’t care the gossip they started is not finished, they need five extra minutes.

All in all we are a  very relaxed bunch of people and we avoid confrontation.

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